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CueZy - the 9 Pad Sampler for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Available on the AppStore

CueZy has two licenses that can be upgraded by purchasing to save various settings, and allow more freedom in using the various functions.
The license for CueZy is non-consumable, meaning that you will not be charged when you use another device with the same Apple ID. After purchasing a license, you will not be charged for the same license.

To restore purchased license on CueZy, please try to launch the restore process by keep pressing the license button from setting screen.

- License button (Setting screen)

- Lite: Maximum of 6 pages
- Standard: Maximum of 81 pages

- Lite: Maximum of 3
- Standard: Maximum of 9

- Lite: 4 minutes
- Standard: No limitations

The number of channels that can be controlled during Fader view
- Lite: 3 channels
- Standard: 9 channels

Playing Linear PCM sound sources on CueZy
Lite : Unavailable
Standard : Available
*Please note that digital rights managed audio such as those purchase on iTunes cannot be played regardless of rights.

Demo Lite Standard
Save settings No Yes Yes
Preset number 2 2 9
Bank number 3 3 9
Pad number 9 9 9
Simultaneous Audio play 3 3 9
Limiting Audio length 4 minutes 4 minutes Unlimited
Controlling Channel fader/Pan-Pot/Cue button ch1 ch1 - 3 ch1 - 9
Play in background No Yes Yes
Linear PCM Audio No No Yes
Cloud services Yes Yes Yes
Limiting Download audio 1.0 MB 3.0 MB Unlimited