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CueZy - the 9 Pad Sampler for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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About CueZy
*Play your music dramatically.
CueZy is a 9 pad sampler (sample player) app. You can select songs from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch library and play with the features right away.
CueZy - Play View
Different arrangements are possible through the four play modes, looping, two group modes, and in addition, and fading in and out.
These features will allow you to create a personalized music system, designed for performances, parties, and more.
Version 2
*The audio sampler CueZy version 2 has gone through a rigorous process to meet people’s needs for diverse music use.
The newly added fader view can adjust the audio volume of a maximum of 9 pads, and there is a one-touch system that controls the fade-in and fade-out. In addition, the audio engine has been reconsidered from its basic construction, and has allowed room for background audio, which will allow more possibilities for different settings.
CueZy - Fader View
*What CueZy can do-
- Simultaneous audio playback using nine sample pads.
- Audio assignment from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch library to the sample pad.
- Audio file import from Dropbox, Google Drive, iTunes File sharing, "Open-in" function.
- Adjust volume via the fader view.
- Saving a maximum of 729 samples (Preset [9] x Bank [9] = 81 pages).
- Fade in and fade out effects.
- Adjusting the fade in and fade out time (0.5 to 9.0 seconds).
- Adjusting the master volume.
- Play audio in the background.
- AirPlay control (Connection with Apple TV, AirMac Express, Bluetooth audio device, etc...)
- Designating a specific play mode for each audio (Gate/Shot/Cue!/Pause).
- Setting up the loop mode.
- Setting up a play group (simultaneous play).
- Setting up a solo group (solo play).
- Assigning specific volume settings for each audio.
- Pan control for assigned audio (adjusting the sound image).
CueZy is a simple yet reliable sampler app created for playing music in various professional settings. For instance, it can be used for a professional theatre performance, a live DJ party, or for playing music and adding sound effects at a house party.
CueZy - Edit View
*CueZy Demo Video.